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Animal-Free Sous-Chef Prime Content



Chef Davies-Tight: Animal-Free Sous-Chef Prime Content


Boom’s Pizza

I Am In Pizza Heaven

Yea, Yea, Yea. Right here in Lakewood, Ohio, a straight shot up the road from where we live on the EDGE they call it between Cleveland and Lakewood. A 1.8 mile walk in good weather or a bus that runs every 15 minutes or if we’re feeling luxurious, letting Uber be our chauffeur!

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AFC Mac And Cheese Meatball @ The Renaissance

AFC Macaroni @ The Renaisance

AFC Mac and Cheese with Meatballs – Deconstructed. Saffron Antipasto Marinara served over garlic and basil infused elbows, tossed with A-F parmesan. Topped with Impossible Meatballs. Then topped with A-F bleu cheese by Follow Your Heart.

Yes indeed. Follow your heart with a glow of happy shining with the power of sparkling taste sensations designed specifically to wake you gently. Seamless. Transparency. YES, you did make it all this way to find happiness in your culinary experience. Feel the stretch!

Kitchen name: MacBalls

Makes 6 cups sauce plus macaroni and meatballs = 6 servings

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Saffron Agar with Coffee And Pepsi Ideas

We’re using Kabura Saffron from Afghanistan in support of Afghan women who plant, pick and package this ray of golden sunshine spice. Now that I tried it I can brag on it as well as appreciate every bite or sip of whatever I put it in.

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AFC Mac And Cheeze Collards @ The Marriott


Why serve collard greens as a side dish to mac and cheese? Why not put them together in one dish? Sounded good to me and tasted even better!

Boil the collards, make the sauce, boil the macaroni, then mix them together with vegan cheddar and fresh roma tomatoes in one dish. No need to bake this one. Stove-top tastes just as good, probably even better!

This is a reduced fat recipe, even with the olives.

Serves 6-8 Mains

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Want to serve your Guests Prime Meat? Go Beyond

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AFC Macaroni At The Ritz

AFC Macaroni At The Ritz

Everybody loves macaroni and cheese. But not all mac and cheeses are alike – and why should they be? It’s an easy dish to do stove-top for hotel guests. Uptick it with some imagination and voila, a recipe for success!

This special version presents with cauliflower, green beans, black beans, and peas mixed into an herb and spice tomato sauce and A-F mozzarella shreds.

Serve home-style in a bowl garnished with dill weed and shaker parm by Go Veggie, or fine dine the presentation by molding the mac, inverting it onto plate, garnish with Cornflake Walnut Crumbs and fresh sliced basil strips!

Makes 27 cups

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Green Olive Chif (fon)

Basically we’re looking at an olive paste with liquid added, from the jar and the tap. A little sweet, a little smoke, black pepper and processed with my ole standby, guar gum – makes a beautiful thick!

Makes about 3 cups

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Delight Soy Nugget Ramen


Soy chicken nuggets, sweet onion strips, and fresh carrot ribbons simmered in a garlic tarragon coriander broth with millet and brown rice Ramen by Lotus Foods. Ramen Extraordinaire!! The finest of the fine!

Makes 8-1/2 cups

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Stove-Top Scallop Potatoes And Apples


Potatoes, apples, almond milk and a few flavorings make this stove-top scallop potato and apple dish reach all the high notes! No accompaniments needed today!

Serves 6

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Lazy Golumpki (stuffed cabbage)

LAZY GOLUMPKI (stuffed cabbage)

Rice and ground meat is the tradition. Rolled in a cooked cabbage leaf, then baked with a sauce on top. Brown gravy or tomato sauce.

Cabbage these days, for whatever pandemic related reason, isn’t cooking up the same as it once did. It takes a long time to soften. Then by the time it does, the leafy part is too soft, while the lighter green part too fibrous. I never thought of cabbage being fibrous. It usually melts in your mouth when cooked.

Well, times change and a chef changes with them. Who really likes to boil a cabbage, peel the leaves off as they become tender, stuff them, then roll them up? There’s always that risk of them falling apart.

So meet the Lazy Golumpki.

We use pink rice which has a meat crumble texture. The pink rice becomes the rice and the meat. The rice this time is barbecue flavored.

Makes 11 cups

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