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Stove-Top Scallop Potatoes And Apples


Potatoes, apples, almond milk and a few flavorings make this stove-top scallop potato and apple dish reach all the high notes! No accompaniments needed today!

Serves 6

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Lazy Golumpki (stuffed cabbage)

LAZY GOLUMPKI (stuffed cabbage)

Rice and ground meat is the tradition. Rolled in a cooked cabbage leaf, then baked with a sauce on top. Brown gravy or tomato sauce.

Cabbage these days, for whatever pandemic related reason, isn’t cooking up the same as it once did. It takes a long time to soften. Then by the time it does, the leafy part is too soft, while the lighter green part too fibrous. I never thought of cabbage being fibrous. It usually melts in your mouth when cooked.

Well, times change and a chef changes with them. Who really likes to boil a cabbage, peel the leaves off as they become tender, stuff them, then roll them up? There’s always that risk of them falling apart.

So meet the Lazy Golumpki.

We use pink rice which has a meat crumble texture. The pink rice becomes the rice and the meat. The rice this time is barbecue flavored.

Makes 11 cups

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If Arby’s can make a hot dog/sausage look like a carrot, then The Animal-Free Chef can make a carrot look like a hot dog, but also taste and texture like a hot dog. Recall that Arby’s didn’t make a sausage taste and texture like a carrot. All they did was make a hot dog/sausage look like a carrot – even put a little parsley on top to look like carrot greens – a visual aid telling you that Arby’s meats are ‘green’. Clever.

Makes as many as you want


Cauliflower Tomato Pepper Bisque


Sauteed sweet yellow and red peppers combined with San Marzano tomatoes, tomato soup and red roasted peppers. Make it creamy with plain plant yogurt. Season with garlic, basil, tarragon, a touch of liquid smoke and lime juice. Oh, and don’t forget the CAULIFLOWER SHELLFISH!

Makes 21 cups

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AFC Plant Liver Pate


A great animal-free liver pate for the holidays. Many uses and variations. Serve over toasted baguette slices with marinated sun-dried tomatoes, as a plain spread with cornichon dill pickles and crackers, as a spread on a grilled gouda sandwich, on a deluxe burger preparation or on pan-fried hash brown patties with trimmings!

Makes approx. 5 cups

1/3 c. diced green pepper, 1/2 inch pieces

1/3 c. diced sweet red pepper, 1/2 inch pieces

1/4 c. diced sweet onion, 1/2 inch squares

3 jumbo radishes or 5 sm. – cut off ends, scrub under water, cut into quarters

1 long slim carrot or equivalency, remove ends, peel and very thinly sliced

13.5 oz. JUMBO SMART DOGS by LIGHTLIFE, cut into 1/2 inch wide rounds

14 oz. extra firm water packed tofu, rinsed, wrapped in towel and squeezed to extract excess water, then crumbled

2 c. walnut pieces

2 t. salt

2 t. garlic powder

1 t. ground coriander

1 t. poultry seasoning

1/2 t. ground allspice

fresh grind black pepper to taste

2 T. light brown sugar

1- In large processor combine green and red pepper, onion, radish, carrot and hot dog pieces. Pulse till evenly chunky, pushing insides of container down with spatula intermittently.

2- Add crumbled tofu and process till spread throughout the hot dog mix.

3- Add walnuts, salt, garlic, coriander, poultry seasoning, allspice, black pepper and brown sugar. Process till evenly mixed and blended till smooth and the texture of processed liver.

4- Adjust for salt, then pack in covered containers till ready to use.

FIRST UP: AFC LIVER PATE served family-style on toasted French baguette slices spread with prepared mustard, black pepper and plant shaker parmesan. Served with a side of BLUEBERRY TARRAGON SAUCE

SECOND UP: AFC LIVER PATE on French baguette slices spread with prepared yellow mustard, then topped with plant shredded parmesan, then topped the chopped marinated sun-dried tomatoes. Broiled till cheese begins to melt. Served with fresh grind black pepper. Assembly Order: mustard, pate, cheese, sun-dried tomatoes, black pepper.

THIRD UP: AFC LIVER PATE served family-style mixed ,plus garnished, with chopped marinated sun-dried tomatoes. Served with broiled slices French baguette drizzled with extra virgin olive oil and spread with whole grain mustard.

FOURTH UP: AFC LIVER PATE spread on a whole grain bun with plant mayo and lots fresh grind black pepper. Then topped with a pan-fried Gardein Ultimate Plant Burger, a couple slices FIELD ROAST WILD MUSHROOM DELI SLICES, a thick slice of fresh tomato and a handful of fresh cilantro. Oh, I almost forgot the smoked gouda cheese on the burger, partially melted. What does it taste like? What do you think?

FIFTH UP: AFC LIVER PATE GRILLED CHEESE SANDWICH. We used a sturdy white bread – both slices spread with mustard, then with pate. Topped with plant based sliced smoked gouda, FIELD ROAST MUSHROOM DELI SLICES, fresh tomato slices and thinly sliced sweet onion. Grilled in olive oil till browned on both sides, cut into quarters and served with sushi ginger slices.

When using plant cheese for sandwich-grilling, bring to room temperature first. Pan-fry on low heat, flip, cover with lid to pan to trap some steam to soften the cheese. It doesn’t have to be completely melted to enjoy. Although the cheese doesn’t look melted, because it’s not runny, it’s soft and wonderful.

SIXTH UP: This is a breakfast/brunch dish. Pan-fry in a little olive oil hash brown patties till hot throughout and crispy. Top with a generous potion of AFC LIVER PATE at room temperature. Top each with a slice of room temperature plant smoked gouda cheese. Cover and melt.

Place on a bed of fresh cilantro. Top with creamy sour bleu red dressing. Then top that with pan-fried HALF & HALF BREAD CRUMBS. Fresh grind black pepper and a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil finish it off!


Combine equal parts dairy free Daiya Blue Cheeze Dressing and Tofutti dairy free sour cream. Salt to taste.

Add just enough ketchup to color it.


1 c. plain Panko crumbs

1 c. fresh potato bread crumbs – process slices of fresh potato bread broken into pieces till equally crumbly in size

margarine and extra virgin olive oil for frying

salt and pepper

Heat skillet with margarine and oil. Add both crumbs, toss and stir to coat, then fry till crispy but not burned. Transfer to bowl.

Salt and pepper to taste.

Notes: Many chefs to save time, which is critical in any kitchen, will throw everything into a large processor practically whole, because some kitchens have heavy duty (commercial) processing equipment.

Even if they don’t have a heavy duty processor, the temptation is there to do that, but when processing hard and soft items together, you’ll end up over-processing the soft items to process correctly the hard items.

We don’t separate them either, since the veggies and nuts will process like a nut butter, which we also don’t want. There’s a method to it, so let’s follow the method. We’re looking for the texture of liver, which by itself is not smooth, smooth. We don’t want any chunks in it, not this time. Okay?

Hope you enjoyed seeing how to make an animal-free liver pate that can be used in several different but similar presentations, that span a few courses.

Reach for the star with your name on it!

~ Chef Davies-Tight

Spreading a message of hope through change around the globe.

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Fruit And Nut Crumble


You’ll find lots of uses for this fruit and nut crumble over the holidays and through the year. It’s a nutrient dense addition to just about any dish. Another great topper to enhance soup, salad, sandwich, hot cereal or toss with pasta, top the rice or gravy, or mix into your animal-free baked beans! And yes there’s more; it makes an elegant dessert mousse, chilled or frozen!

Makes 4 cups

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Sweet Mustard Hot Dog Ratatouille


Fresh cubes of eggplant, zucchini and yellow squash tossed with a special seasoning blend. Sweet red pepper, shaved onion, soaked sun-dried tomato strips with fresh ginger sticks and garlic add-ons. All marinated in a sweet sour celery dressing made from the tomato ginger garlic water!

Next stop, the skillet. Slow cooked in the natural juices till tender. Now comes the sweet and sour part followed by the sliced hot dogs, a little more time on the stove and it’s done!

Bold Perfection! Rich!

Makes approx. 9 cups

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Appetizer, sides, snacks, do whatever you want with it. Just please enjoy the process and the reward! Roasted cauliflower at its best! Bon vivant! I’m going to categorize this as animal-free meat!

Serves 6 or more, depending…

Okay, I forgot to weigh it – and yes after all these many years I do have a scale – food scale. Take my word for it – it is gigantic. I think I paid 3 dollars for it at Lucky’s Market. My lucky day. I had a hankering for the texture I can produce by roasting. Needs some oil though to do it right. Am I going to be a stickler for fat-free, or…


Beyond Sausage Old-Style Spaghetti Sauce


Thin spaghetti topped with peppers and onion stewed tomato sauce seasoned with garlic, fennel, and Italian herb blend. Further flavored with plant parmesan cheese and white wine!

Topped with BEYOND MEAT Italian Sausage and Follow Your Heart plant parmesan!

Traditional old-style tastes and textures. And yes, the aromas filled the air!

Makes 10 cups sauce; feeds 6 with extra sauce

(Look for additional uses after the main recipe – an extra treat!)

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